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Product #: 058001
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MR SIGNAL II is a safe, clear, neutral multi-purpose spotter that removes both solvent and water soluble stains.     It can be used in perc or petroleum systems.  MR SIGNAL II flushes out easily, preventing rings and swales.
Removes stains, such as
Beverages, Food, Grass, Mayonnaise, Protein Stains, Perspiration, Water soluble Inks, Medicine…etc.
Spray Spotter:
  • Mix 1 part MR SIGNAL with 4 to 20 parts water.
  • *This can be sprayed from a spray tank. No brushing necessary.*
  • Allow to partially dry before dry cleaning
Hand Brushing:
  • Mix 1 part MR SIGNAL II with 2 parts water. Pre-spot…using a brush or bone.
2-to-1 Formula:
  • Mix 2 parts MR SIGNAL with 1 part FAST PR (volatile stain remover).
  • *This combination can be used wet or dry and is extremely effective for general spotting and removing latex paints*
3-2-1 Formula:
  • Mix 3 parts CINCH or RX, 2 parts MR SIGNAL II, and 1 part FAST PR.
  • *This is exceptional on inks, oil base paints and embedded soils in cuffs and collars, hemlines, etc*                                                                                                                       


See product label and/or MSDS report for precautionary information

For more information contact your local distributor or CALED customer service at 1800-OK-CALED