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F.W.T.® Signal 33 with AMINE Boiler Treatment

Product #: 078001
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Why Do Boilers Need FWT Signal 33 with Amine?  


Your boiler is the heart of the dry cleaning business, so why not maintain it with tender loving care? Efficient boilers will reduce energy consumption and save dry cleaners a great amount of money. Damaged and inefficient boilers are detrimental for business. If a boiler fails, it’s very costly to fix and dry cleaners won’t be able to meet customer demand thus there is no profit made. The leading cause of long term boiler damage is poor boiler water maintenance. Poorly maintained boiler water is the perfect environment for scale build up in the tank.Scale built up in a boiler significantly affects the efficiency of the machine. The amount of scale in the tank exponentially increases the energy the boiler consumes and ultimately affect amount of money taken from the dry cleaner’s pocket. Rusting and Corrosion also thrives in a poorly maintained boiler.

Protect your boiler and your business by using Caled’s FWT Signal 33® with Amine water treatment system. It’s a simple system that will protect your boiler from pitting, hardness, scale build up, corrosion, rusting and alkalinity.



FWT Signal 33 with Amine helps:

  • Inhibit Corrosion
  • Increase Boiler Efficiency
  • Allow Smooth Blow Down
  • Prevent Pitting and Scale Build Up
  • Stop Foaming, Priming and Surging
  • Protect Steam and Condensation Lines
  • Control Oxygen, Alkalinity and Hardness
  • Save Money on Your Monthly Gas Bill!



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